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The authentic taste from the Reserved land

Motivated by Mother of Nature, Truly Borneo Trading Sdn Bhd was born in 2016 origin from Miri, Sarawak.

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Continue working with Native Citizens throughout the years, we are committed to bring the Best ever taste of Magic ingredient around the world.

We are the ONLY Peppercorn manufacturer certified by both Malaysia KKM and Jakim with most complete certification including HALAL, GMP, HACCP, SIRIMQAS, MeSTI and ofcourse Buatan Malaysia.

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As Anak of Sarawak, Our director - Mr Siew, decided to bring the Best and Most Origin taste from Borneo to the World, as he knows that, before adding the best spice into your plate, you have no idea how Great your meal could ever taste!

As an authentic Pepper lover, Mr Siew tasted most pepper products in the market, including imported and exported ones, and there is something he found Missing in the taste – the Authentic Fragrant and Spiciness that could ONLY find in pepper that raised and produced from the Reserved Land -- Borneo!


With the researches and experiments he made with his team during his Agricultural and Safety Food Master Degree throughout 2017/2018, he finally found the Secrets of Great Taste Peppercorn products -- Moist and Admixture in peppercorn. These 2 measurements are actually the Keys to grade the Authentic taste of Peppercorn.


Time passed, Mr Siew found that by bringing the Peppers in traditional plastic packaging might not be able to bring the Freshness of taste to our pepper lovers. After several survey Mr Siew and our team experienced that traditional packaging is not convenience to consume, and definitely not portable.

The team invested endless Effort and latest Technology to Transform Peppers from normal packaging to a More Environmentally friendly portable PET Ground-on-the-GO packaging that everyone can sprinkle the King of Spice Anytime Anywhere. This form of product is Safe for 6-month-old toddlers to 90-year-old-elderly!


6 years in bringing the Most Authentic pepper to the world, and still counting, Mr Siew and our team are Determined and Committed to bring the Best and Genuine Borneo Agriculture food to all pepper lovers who trusted us!

As our Pepper lovers always said: The most Origin and Authentic Pepper, Must be True Pepper.


Certificatin Anchor

The ONLY KKM and Jakim Certified Pepper

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